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We are Devops, Cloud Computing,
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Techalpha enable clients through our Cloud consulting services: Assessment, design, strategies, plan and prototype (PoC). Services include: DevOps, IDC migration, Cloud strategy,Managed ERP application services, application optimisation and SAP services. We provide you with hands-on technical assistance deploying and migrating your environment. We help to setup and build hybrid environments, integrations, connectivity and configurations across the entire technology stack. Our qualified technical engineers provide 24/7 proactive support, management and monitoring to customers. In addition clients are assigned a dedicated Technical consultant, as your go-to-person for advice and continued Cloud strategy innovation and growth..

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Adopting a DevOps culture is absolutely essential for enterprises seeking success in the cloud. DevOps enables you to continuously release new features and innovations, as well as deliver services and features that can be created to offer specific functionality and benefits to a variety of deployment end points.

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Today, when companies use services like Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud or the Google Compute Engine or Azure Virtual Machine, the idea is that they're running their software applications on virtual machines — computer servers that exist only as software. We at Techalpha think in...

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Every business today has to deal with overwhelming amounts of data and is constantly on the lookout for solutions for managing and extracting value from this data. Big data technology is the tipping point in today's data‐driven global economy. Big data technologies can take the overwhelming...

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There is no shortcut for success – Your Product must function PERFECT to SUCCEED Continuous Improvement and making your product defect free are the only parameters we believe in. Software products depend on quality assurance...

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Techalpha has a team of skilled and experienced professionals in Business/System Analysis, Project Management and IT Project delivery. We enable our clients to identify and articulate their business need/problem or opportunity for a positive value added change and recommend...

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Techalpha has helped today's industry-leading companies repeatedly achieve success in the marketplace through the development of extraordinary solutions. Our clients appreciate that Techalpha experts remain true to the business...

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